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You move more than your body. You move emotions, memories, imaginations. You shape spaces with purposeful gesture, light, sound and costume. Your choreography enlightens the world.

BFA in Dance

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance degree program includes four interlocking streams of dance in a twenty-first century approach to dance study: choreography and performance, intercultural dance studies, dance and medicine, and dance theatre. The program trains dancers and choreographers using an inclusive interpretation of contemporary dance as the organizing principle for development of the today's artist. Dance is studied as a major performing art impacting a broad range of artistic, cultural, intellectual and social spheres. Audition is required.

BA in Dance

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance educates the student as a generalist in dance studies. Students follow a course of study essential to the field of dance, including performance, history, theory, literature, design, technology and related disciplines, all while enjoying sufficient flexibility to pursue other areas of study, including a minor or a major in a field other than dance. Successful degree candidates develop independent, interdisciplinary critical thought, and can articulate the power and agency of the arts over time and across cultures and perspectives.

Dance Minor

The dance minor is designed for students who wish to pursue the study of dance while maintaining a separate primary academic interest. The dance minor is a 17-credit program that has both core and elective components, thus providing both a solid general background and the opportunity to tailor the minor program to meet individual interests. This program is designed to bring the student in close contact with not only classroom expertise in technique, but the enriching artistic and production aspects of dance. 

Dance for Non-Majors

UF Dance courses are open and available to all eligible UF students. Students who wish to take Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Modern, Ballet, or Jazz must take a placement exam to enroll in these courses. Students may be placed in these courses by attending the corresponding class the prior semester and asking the instructor for placement or by attending the FIRST CLASS MEETING of the term for which you wish to register and telling the instructor you are there to be placed. Students who are eligible to enroll in UF dance courses will be given an instructor permission slip which should be taken to Kevin Austin, SOTD Undergraduate Advisor, for course registration. 

Certificate in Dance in Medicine 

The dance area, in conjunction with the Center for the Arts in Healthcare Research an Education offers a Certificate in Dance in Medicine. The Certificate recognizes students' special competency and achievement in the use of movement to enhance health and healing.  Students who complete the requirements for the Certificate in Dance in Medicine leave the University of Florida with unique capabilities and experiences. This certificate, recognizing these special skills, can serve as a credential for developing complementary career options and will encourage healthcare facilities to expand or initiate arts programs.

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November 1, 2021
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September 15, 2022
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March 1, 2022
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Summer B or Fall 2022

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