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Dance in Medicine

The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, in conjunction with the School of Theatre and Dance, offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Dance in Medicine to UF students.  This certificate can serve as a credential for developing post-baccalaureate educational pathways and career options.

This undergraduate certificate program allows you to explore your interests in creativity and the arts through the lens of health and well-being.  In the certificate program, you will have the opportunity to observe and apply the arts in healthcare and/or community contexts.

This certificate is unique because you will have access to these types of learning experiences: hands-on practical experience with patients and/or community members, exposure to arts in health related fields, the opportunity to develop career readiness skills such as oral and written communication, leadership, collaboration and problem solving. This certificate will allow you to interact with patients and/or community members, arts in health leaders, artists, healthcare professionals, arts administrators, and non-profit organizations.

The certificate is different than a minor because you get hands-on applied experience. Making the choice to complete the certificate shows intentionality and commitment to interdisciplinary exploration and an awareness of the value of arts to health and well-being in society.

Required Courses 

Students should note that some of the listed courses have pre-requisites. 

HUM 2592: Introduction to the Arts in Medicine in a Global Context, 3 credits

Explores the field of arts in medicine in a global context, focusing on the many ways that the arts can be used to enhance health and wellbeing in healthcare or community settings and the relationship of culture to healing practices, systems, and health literacy in various regions of the world.

Note: This course is currently offered in fall and spring semesters. 

Intermediate or Advanced level dance technique, min. 2 credits

All dance technique and composition course work must be arranged with the permission of the School of Theatre and Dance Coordinator.

DAA 2610: Dance Composition 1, 2 credits

Introduces improvisation and composition with emphasis on process and movement elements. Solo choreography.

Prereq: DAA 2104

DAA 2611Dance Composition 2, 2 credits

Practice and study of basic compositional crafting, emphasizing solo and small group works.

Prereq: DAA 2610

DAN 3775: Dance in Medicine, 2 credits

This experiential course explores the links between the creative and the healing arts, focusing on the many ways that dance and movement can be used to enhance the healing process. It includes lecture/discussion, student workshops in dance and the other arts and laboratory experiences. This course is appropriate for students of the arts and/or of health related fields who are willing to access their creative potentials.

Prereq: instructor permission

Note: This course is only offered in fall semesters.

DAN 4860L: Dance Clinical Practice, 3 credits

Offers practical clinical experience in the use of movement to enhance healing in a hospital or community setting. The student will work though UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine or a comparable program in individually contracted situations.

Prereq: DAN 3755

Students must be registered for Dance Clinical Practice and contact the AIM Service Learning Coordinator by these dates:

  • Fall Semester: July 1
  • Spring Semester: December 1
  • Summer Semester: April 1

Application Procedures

Students interested in obtaining this certificate should apply by the end of their freshmen year and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.  Students must complete at least 50% of certificate requirements after they have been accepted into the program. Students should contact the Center for Arts in Medicine’s undergraduate certificate advisor who will assist with application procedures.  

The application process includes:

  • Completion of the online application (please notify Ferol Carytsas when you submit the application)
  • Submission of a one-page personal statement (emailed directly to the undergraduate advisor)
    • The one-page personal statement should include your goals and objectives for completing the certificate and how you envision the certificate supporting your career goals.  
  • Review the certificate tracking plan with the undergraduate advisor.

Application Deadlines:  Applications are accepted November 1-January 30. Students will receive notification in early April.

For more information, contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Ferol Carytsas.

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