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Be yourself. Know your strengths. Project your voice. Then consider all of the other roles out there. Choose which characters to be, or not to be.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance curriculum is designed to prepare thinking performers for careers in theatre. Based in a top-tier university setting requiring academic mastery of a broad range of requirements, the audition-based acting and musical theatre curricula follow a conservatory approach to creating the performing artist, combining classroom training with rehearsal and performance in varying productions to develop the ability to perform in a range of roles and genres. The result of this combined education is the thinking performer.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts curricula are intended for students who plan to enter professional careers, allied fields, or graduate study. In addition to a liberal arts background, the BFA Degree prepares the aspiring professional in an area of emphasis through classroom, laboratory, studio, and performance course of study.

The BFA in acting is designed to develop the highest possible level of performance as an actor. The program develops basic through advanced, theatrical movement and vocal skills, including stage combat, voice, makeup, movement, and period styles, as appropriate for undergraduate study. Opportunities for performance in workshop and mainstage productions are presented in a variety of formal and informal settings. Students also develop repertory and techniques for auditions.


The Master of Fine Arts is a terminal degree for practical theatre artists. Graduates are prepared to enter professional theatre, secondary or college teaching, or allied fields. The MFA in Acting degree challenges and focuses the advanced artist-scholar through a rigorous course of study in classroom, laboratory, studio, and performance. It requires intensive and extensive sequential study. The courses and program of study are outlined in our student handbook. 

Application Deadlines
November 01, 2018
The freshman application deadline has been extended to November 15th for all students living in the Florida Panhandle and surrounding areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. Students in North and South Carolina will also have the deadline extended due to the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Applicants outside of these regions must meet the November 1st deadline.
Transfer Students
March 01, 2018
Application deadline for Summer B or Fall 2018
Beginning January 10, 2018
Graduate application deadlines are program specific. Please review the admissions information for your intended program for clarification.

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