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School of Music

Undergraduate Admissions

Incoming Freshman

A student's entire record is evaluated when under consideration for admission to the School of Music, including: Grade Point Average (GPA), SAT/ACT scores, results from a Music Aptitude Test & Theory Placement Exam, an interview with a member of the music faculty, a recommendation of a former music teacher, the student's repertoire, and audition results. This information is reviewed by the Music Admissions, Scholarship and Retention Committee. Students will be informed, by a letter, of the decision for being accepted to pursue a music major, with the possibility of scholarship, fourth week in February.  This decision is contingent upon students' admission to the University by the University of Florida Admissions Office.

School of Music General Information Brochure

  1. Apply to the University of Florida

    • Preferred application deadline to UF has been EXTENDED TO NOV. 16, 2020, however, applications will be accepted until March 1, 2021

    Be certain to apply before the published deadlines, and that UF Admissions has all of your application materials (application, fee, transcripts, admissions test scores, residency, prior to your audition.

    Freshman Admission Information
    Freshman Application

  2. Complete Audition Application

    • Dec 31, 2020Recorded Audition and School of Music Application Deadline***Late submissions are accepted until Jan. 20, 2021
    • Jan 23, 2021*SESSION IS FULL* Information Session: Incoming First-Year Students (Required)
    • Jan 30, 2021"SESSION IS FULL" Information Session: Incoming First-Year Students (Required)
    • Jan 31, 2021"SESSION IS FULL" Information Session: Incoming First-Year Students (Required)
    • Mar 20, 2021Information Session: Transfer Students (Required)

    School of Music Application

    Do I need to audition?

    An audition is required of all students applying as music majors, minors, and anyone wishing to be considered for music scholarships.

    To become a music major every prospective student must complete a pre-admission audition and be accepted into a performance studio. It is not possible to become a music major if the student does not exhibit sufficient performing competence in their audition.  Students must have submitted an application to the University of Florida prior to their audition, by the UF preferred application deadline of Nov. 16, 2020.  

    We are no longer accepting applications for the 2021-22 Academic year.

    Undergraduate music major scholarships and partial out-of-state tuition waivers are awarded based on students' talent and determined at the time of the audition review process.  There is no additional application needed to qualify for these talent-based scholarships.  If a student is awarded a scholarship, they are notified, in writing, during the fourth week of February each year.  Though graduate student audition requirements differ slightly, graduate students are welcome to audition on the scheduled audition days.

  3. Complete the Recommendation Form

    • This must be done before your scheduled information session date.

    If you are required to audition, you also need to complete this step. Have someone who knows you in a musical capacity complete the instructor recommendation form.

  4. Take the Theory Placement Test

    • TBD

    All incoming freshman regardless of their intent within the School of Music (major or minor) must take the theory placement test. This is a timed test (50 minutes) and requires speakers. Please do not guess your answers as this may negatively affect your placement.  Music Admissions Office will be in touch with all incoming Freshman about taking the test after the auditions are completed.  Current UF students should email to register for the test.

  5. Prepare for Your Audition

    The School of Music admission audition consists of a recorded performance (for 2021 audition season) by the student on their principal instrument or voice and a music theory assessment which will be completed later part of the Spring 2021.  Students are also required to attend one of the "information sessions" listed on the School of Music application

    Audition Performance Requirements

  6. Audition & Attend Information Session

    Submit a high-quality video recording or link to Recordings must be received by the School of Music by December 31, 2020 for music major scholarship consideration. Late application and audition recordings are accepted until Jan. 20, 2021.  Attending one the virtual Information Sessions that you selected on your School of Music Audition Application is required of every candidate and is part your audition/admission evaluation/consideration. Piano accompaniment is ONLY required for vocal auditions.

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