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About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Music Business & Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida prepares graduates to excel in fields like music management, marketing, recording/engineering, entertainment, for-profit music ventures, and non-profit music organizations — not just in Florida, but across the nation.

Our innovative curriculum strikes the perfect harmony between music business intricacies and specialized performance skills.

Picture yourself not just as a musician, but as a dynamic music business entrepreneur!

  • Experience a dynamic blend of courses like Multimedia Production for the Music Industry, Commercial Music Skills and Ensembles, Strategic Music Entrepreneurship Development, & Digital Musicianship
  • Embrace a nontraditional audition process showcasing your musical talents for a diverse range of ensembles
  • Audition for traditional one-on-one lessons
  • Conclude your journey with your own captivating business plan

Audition Requirement

  1. Portfolio describing and demonstrating (via audio/video/print materials) a range of musical experiences and skill sets. These may include recording, producing, management, promotion, leadership, suitable for entry in an intensive music business/entrepreneurship curriculum.
  2. Instrumental or vocal performance audition, in at least two different musical styles, demonstrating a level of musicianship necessary for successful collaboration in a diverse range of commercial, world, and traditional music ensembles. The demonstration of improvisational skills is also welcome.
  3. Instrumental or vocal sight reading, demonstrating a level of music literacy necessary for success in core courses of music theory, aural skills, and keyboard skills.
  4. Consistent with all music major auditions: a Music Theory Placement test, at least one letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your work.
  5. Interview with School of Music faculty will be included in the assessment.
University of Florida Application Deadlines
November 1, 2024
Application deadline for Fall 2025
Transfer Students
September 15, 2024
Application deadline for
Spring 2025
March 1, 2025
Application deadline for
Summer B or Fall 2025

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