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Develop 21st century commercial skill sets with UF Jazz Studies: Jazz Theory, Improvisation, Composition and Arranging, Music Production for Commercial Media, Jazz Ensembles, Private Lessons, World Music Ensembles, and more.

Undergraduate Jazz Minor

The Jazz Minor is 19 credits and available to undergraduate students at the University of Florida. Students in the Jazz Minor are comprised of talented musicians from a wide range of undergraduate fields such as Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Economics, Architecture, Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, Music Education, Music Performance, etc. To be accepted into the Jazz Minor, students have to audition into the program or get approval from Jazz Director, Scott Wilson. To help incoming freshman manage their busy schedule, the Jazz Minor starts with Jazz Fundamentals 1 online and comes with an interactive online platform, 35 jazz instructional videos, jazz worksheets, jazz resources, jazz flash cards, practice MP3s, and there are optional jazz workshops throughout the semester and an instructor with weekly office hours. The UF Jazz Band Ensemble auditions are the 2nd and 3rd day of every semester. The Audition Sign Up Sheet is available on the first day of the semester on the Jazz Band Display Case in the School of Music. Please download the list of requirements if you are interested is the Jazz Minor. For more information contact Scott Wilson at

Master of Music with Concentration in Jazz Studies

Graduate students pursing the MM with Concentration in Jazz Studies must be accepted to UF and must audition into the Jazz Studies private studio (see audition requirements). Each jazz course in the degree teaches vital skill sets for participating in the current music industry and, each jazz course targets developing multi-media materials and teaching videos for the student’s online portfolio. The private studio requirements ensure students get weekly private instruction to develop all aspects of their musicianship and professional portfolio.

Graduate Jazz Teaching Assistantships

UF Jazz Studies has two graduate jazz teaching assistantships available in our area. Assistantships last for the 2 years required for the student to complete a Master degree.Graduate students that are selected for an assistantship are selected based on their jazz skills sets, strength of their audition material, and based on the instrumental needs of the jazz program. Graduate jazz teaching assistantships cover the student’s tuition and are salaried positions that require a time commitment of 10 hours per week performing duties related to teaching, technical/studio/lab assistance, administering online jazz classes, office administrative assistance and research.  For more detailed information click on the Graduate Jazz Assistantships link.

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