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One of the unique characteristics of the University of Florida online Master of Arts in Art Education program is its emphasis on immersive, hands-on art making experiences through advanced studio courses (9-12 credit hours total). Studio courses are available online throughout the academic year and on-campus during the month of July.  These studio courses have been included in the graduate curriculum to allow students the opportunity to explore and experiment with different mediums of art, while encouraging creative, systematic investigation of formal, conceptual  and pedagogical topics. Studio experiences are available on a rotating basis and include courses in the following areas: Sketchbook Development, Printmaking, Ceramics, Experimental Drawing, Digital Photography, Digital Video, Design, Presentation Graphics, and Painting.

Many of our alumni report that the summer studio experiences they had while in the online graduate program are tranformational in that students often feel a renewed sense of creative energy and a desire to spend more time in the studio themselves. Furthermore, students often takeaway from their summer studio experiences an array of new teaching strategies and projects that they can immediately implement in their classrooms when they return home. 

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