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Share your love, knowledge and practice of art by passing it on to others. That’s what a career devoted to education and the arts enables you to do. For you, it may be the ideal path. The best of both worlds.

About the Program

Welcome to the University of Florida Art Education Department in the School of Art + Art History. We offer several accredited program options for students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching art or who are looking to pursue advanced studies in the field of Art Education.

Undergraduate - Certificate in Art Education

The undergraduate Art Education program at UF is designed for students who plan to teach art in public schools, or a variety of other settings. Students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree focusing on art education should pursue our BA in Art with the Undergraduate Certificate in Art Education. This certificate option allows for more flexibility in the student’s undergraduate studies, while still preparing students to be eligible for certification as K-12 Art Teachers in Florida.

This certificate provides the skills and competencies required for effectively teaching art in Florida’s PreK-12 public schools, as identified by the State of Florida’s Six Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (or FEAPS). The School of Art and Art History, in cooperation with the College of Education, oversees this program.

The certificate program is also available to students pursuing a BFA in Art. As admission to the certificate program does not require the student to be enrolled in an art major specifically, it may be possible to gain admission to the program even as a major outside of art. However, this certificate is best suited for students enrolled in a BA or BFA degree program in the visual arts, design, or art history. Interested students must meet with the School of Art and Art History undergraduate advisor for more information, course planning, and to obtain provisional approval prior to enrolling in certificate coursework. 

Learn more in the UF Undergraduate Catalog: Certificate in Art Education Curriculum and Requirements.

Graduate: Residential Program

Graduate students in the Art Education program can complete either the campus-based or online Master of Arts in Art Education (see below for more information). The residential program is a two-year, 36-credit degree. In this program, students also have the option to complete the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) track, which is a 39-credit degree. The EPI track allows students to earn a Master’s degree and K-12 Florida Art Teacher Certification through a state-approved Educator Preparation Institute.

Online Master of Arts in Art Education

The online Master of Arts in Art Education offers instruction and learning opportunities with the convenience and flexibility of online delivery, so students can continue to work while going to school. We invite you to learn more about the Online Master’s in Art Education.

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