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Students at the University of Florida have numerous opportunities to join Student Groups and Clubs in the Arts and beyond.

African Student Union
ASU exists to create and encourage relationships among African and non-African students and create awareness of African culture, traditions and issues on the UF campus through social gatherings, performances and discussions.
AiligÇadar Irish Dance Company
AiligÇadar Irish Dance Company is the University of Florida's first dance company dedicated solely to Irish Dance
Alagarto Printmaking Guild
An organization dedicated to the fine art of printmaking
Apollodorus Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Rho Chi is a national professional co-ed fraternity that extends its membership to all students of architecture and the allied arts. The chapter of APX at the University of Florida is the Apollodorus chapter
Argentine Tango Club
A club dedicated to enjoying and teaching Argentine tango
Art History Association
The Art History Association is a club geared towards Art and Art History majors, minors or enthusiasts who wish to learn more about career opportunities in this field and to meet other students who are also interested in art. All are welcome
Art Law Society
The Art Law Society is an organization for law students who are interested in both a creative outlet as well as learning about the intersection between art and the law. Activities focus on a Student/Faculty Art Show each Spring and small socials
Arts in Health
Arts in Health is a student run organization incorporating both interests in art and health and combining those to positively impact our local, national and international communities
AssemblÇ Ballet Company
AssemblÇ Ballet Company is UF's only student-run organization solely focused on improving ballet strength and technique
Audio Engineering Society
The Audio Engineering Society has a wide range of disciplines ranging from music production and audio hardware development, to room acoustics and live sound management
Black Female Extravaganza
BFE serves to empower the black community by allowing women to express themselves through our annual showcase in the form of acting, singing and/or dancing. We embrace all types of women but may showcase the struggles and triumphs of a black woman
Camera and Optics Photography Association
COPA exists to help people with an interest in photography to develop their skills and learn from others. In this club we seek to participate in gallery shows and share our art with the public. We also have technical demonstrations and portfolio reviews
Cellorando is the elite cello ensemble at the University of Florida in Gainesville made up of a group of cellists who love to make music. Cellorando is open to any cellists at the University of Florida
Community Outreach _ Music as Therapy
COMAT was established to provide musicians with opportunities to participate in community service through performances specifically designed to help lift the spirits of those in need
Creating Reality-Altering Art Through Expression: CREATE allows students to come together and express thoughts and experiences through a variety of creative activities. Students do not need prior art experience. All skill levels welcome and supplies are provided, free of charge
Creative Practice
Creative Practice is a group composed of medical students and faculty who believe that artistic expression is a vital part of medical eduction. Our purpose is to promote artistic expression in the College of Medicine
Creative Writing Club
The purpose of The Creative Writing Club is to provide benefit for its members by offering a creative, educational atmosphere designed specifically for young writers
Culinary Arts Student Union
Culinary Arts Student Union celebrates food in every sense, from cooking, to eating, to the cultures surrounding it. We are firm believers that cooking is a life skill everyone should have. No cooking experience is necessary to join
Dance in a Suitcase
The primary purpose of this organization is to expose BFA and BA Dance Majors to a wide range of learning environments and professional experiences
Dancin_ Gators
Dancin_ Gators strives to provide a fun and welcoming environment for students from all levels of dance background and genre
Danza Dance Company
Danza is the premier student run performance dance company at the University of Florida. Danza Dance Company produces a show at the end of each semester that is free to the public
DCP Ambassadors
DCPA is a student led organization set in place to generate interest in design-oriented studies and careers within the College of Design, Construction, and Planning while fostering a community within the college itself
Digital Arts Media Network
Digital Arts Media Network is an organization whose mission is to promote awareness of the growing field of the digital arts
Digital Assembly
The Digital Assembly promotes a better understanding of digitally-mediated practices and of the current overlapping platforms, software, formats, hardware and artistic processes through which we experience digital culture
Disc Jockey Collective
Like music? So do we! The Disc Jockey Collective is Gainesville's premier live-entertainment hub focused on spreading the love and appreciation for the culture and evolution of live music entertainment
English Society
English Society meets every other week to discuss topics relevant to students who major in English. Our secondary programs are Tea Literary Magazine and our Mentor-Mentee program. We can answer your questions and help revise your writing
Extreme Dance Company
Extreme is a dance company that provides the opportunity for dance experience to UF students of all skill levels and provides entertainment through performances
FACES Modeling Troupe
FACES Modeling Troupe introduces its members to the techniques of the modeling industry. It allows for leadership, growth, commitment and a network of friends. There are three facets of FACES, they are runway, fashion team and public relations
Fine Arts College Council
Encourages and promotes fellowship, cooperation and solidarity among students of the College of Fine Arts through meetings, discussions and forums
FL Experimental Film/Video Festival
The Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival is established for the purpose of sharing diverse film and video art from around the world with the UF student body and Gainesville community throughout the year
Florida Association of Student Conductors
The purpose of the Florida Association of Student Conductors is to focus on the development of student conductors in both choral and instrumental music. This organization will serve as an opportunity for prospective students to enhance their conducting
Florida Players
Florida Players exists to produce plays, to study theatre and its allied arts, to foster an interest in, and an appreciation of, theatre and the performing arts at the University of Florida, and to provide students a professional theatre environment
Florida Swing Dancing Club
The Florida Swing Dancing Club holds dances every Friday from 8 p.m. to Midnight at the Unified Training Center. This event also includes a beginner lesson at 8 p.m. Other dances, trips and events revolving around swing dancing take place intermittently
UF's original student run dance company. Tryouts in the Fall & spring semester. Each semester we put on a showcase @ the Phillips Center. The showcase is comprised of student choreographed pieces in a variety of styles. Open classes on Tuesdays in Odome
Gainesville Florida Collegiate Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society
The Gainesville Florida Collegiate Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society provides students with opportunities to prepare for a career in the broadcast, production, new/alternative media or telecommunication management fields
Game Makers Guild
Game Makers Guild is all about making video games. We welcome anyone interested, whether artist, programmer, designer, or marketer, or if you just want to have some ideas and talk
Gator Bass
The purpose of Gator Bass is to enhance the learning of students who play either the Tuba or Euphonium by participation in one of the most unique ensembles known to music. Students will also volunteer as advocates of music within the community
Gator Guard Drill Team
The Gator Guard Drill Team was established in 1953 to serve as UF's most prestigious honor guard unit and performing exhibition team. GGDT is modeled after the United States 3rd Infantry Battalion stationed in D.C., also known as the "Old Guard."
Gator Salsa Club
The Gator Salsa Club is established for the purpose of developing and improving individual skills in the various forms of Latin dancing including but not limited to salsa and bachata. We provide free lessons at the Reitz
Generation Sketch Comedy
Generation hosts auditions each semester to cast a team that will write sketches & perform in a full-length comedy show at the semester's end. (Think SNL.) No experience necessary! It's fun & a learning experience for both rookies & pros! Come on out
Graduate Comics Organization
A reading group for the academic study of comics. We also organize a yearly conference to gather together scholars whose research involves the play of image and text. Many of the members work on the journal ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies
Graduate Film Studies Group
The Graduate Film Studies Group hosts film screenings, reading discussions, and workshops to help its members further their knowledge of film and media studies. OPEN TO ALL UF GRADUATE STUDENTS
Hand built or Thrown Clay
H.O.T. Clay (Handbuilt Or Thrown) is a student organization comprised of current students of the University of Florida School of Art + Art History. The mission of H.O.T. Clay is to increase the awareness and understanding of the ceramic arts
Hip-Hop Collective
The official hip-hop organization at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla. We serve to promote the culture and history of hip-hop in its original elements
Kappa Kappa Psi
Since 1919, Kappa Kappa Psi has been devoted to advancing the college and university bands. The University of Florida_s chapter, Alpha Eta, has the distinction of being the first chapter in the state of Florida
Knitting Gators
We are a new organization composed of students who enjoy to get together and knit. A long-term goal of the club is to donate some of our projects to hospitals and charities
LIFE on Campus
By constructing an atmosphere where students can peacefully express their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives in a creative and artistic manner, student peers will be able to view another artist_s position on faith through the art they create
National Association for Music Education
The National Association for Music Education provides it's members with weekly meetings where guest speakers present on all things music education. It's purpose is to enlighten future/current music educators on topics not covered in a classroom setting
National Press Photographers Association Gator Chapter
The mission of NPPA Student Chapter is dedicated to the advancement of visual journalism _ its creation, practice, training, editing and distribution
No Southern Accent
No Southern Accent is the University of Florida_s premier, co-ed a cappella group
Nuclear Music
Performance ensemble dedicated to the composition and performance of contemporary music since 1945
Objects in Motion
Objects In Motion is an object manipulation and unicycling club. All are welcome to partake in the joy of juggling or to learn how if you don't have your the balls in the air yet. We also have performances and teach unicycling, poi and various other arts
Orange and Bluegrass
The purpose of Orange and Bluegrass is to explore and educate students about bluegrass music and allow students interested in bluegrass to gather, share their knowledge, and learn together
Pazeni Sauti Africa Choir
Pazeni Sauti Africa Choir is a choir that gathers to learn about, sing, and perform authentic songs from Africa. We embrace people from all backgrounds that are interested in learning about traditional African music and culture
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a men's music fraternity dedicated to the uplift of mankind through the power of music
Poets INC
We are a group of diverse individuals sharing a love of written and performance poetry. We host open mic nights for all sorts of performers, have a competitive slam team, and volunteer in Gainesville and surrounding areas. All heart; no ego
Reitz Union Board Entertainment
Reitz Union Board (RUB) Entertainment is a student-run programming board that plans, organizes, and coordinates free events for University of Florida students, staff, and the Gainesville community 7 nights a week in the Reitz Union
Sabor Latino Dance Team
Sabor Latino is the official dance of the Hispanic Student Association. They have lit stages on fire all across UF's campus and have developed a reputation for having a showstopping latin flare in every performance
S.T.E.A.M. Academy
The purpose of the S.T.E.A.M. Academy is to combine and promote the concept of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math with compassion to solve global dilemmas in the University of Florida community and around it
Seen It Films & TV
The purpose of Seen It Films & TV is to promote discussion of all modern film/TV genres, events, and news in a sociable environment
Shakespeare in the Park
Shakespeare in the Park aims to make the works of William Shakespeare accessible to students, faculty, and the community. The group holds auditions, 1-2 weekly rehearsals, and 4 free outdoor performances in the Plaza of the Americas in the spring
Singer Songwriter Society
This is an organization full of musicians, singers and songwriters who make art come to life through collaborations with each other and self expression. We all come together for the love of music
Site Specific Sculpture Society
Established for the purpose of giving students interested in sculptural arts the opportunity for professional development
Society of Composers Incorporated Student Chapter
The Society of Composers Incorporated Student Chapter (SCI@UF) promotes contemporary art music, particularly that written by UF student composers. SCI presents numerous concerts each semester, and hosts a variety of guest composers and performers
Sonic Computing Organization
The Sonic Computing Organization explores current trends in digital music, and provides opportunities for both instruction and professional development in computer music composition
Stomp the Swamp
Stomp the Swamp is a rhythm tap dance team at the University of Florida. The purpose of this group is to trade knowledge and passion for tap dancing and to better the community
Student Advisory Board of Online Learning
Serve as the voice (representatives) for all UF undergraduate students in online learning and digital pedagogy
Student Government Productions
Since 1969, Student Government Productions has been providing UF students with the music they want to hear. SGP produces shows with a wide variety of headlining artists to appeal to our diverse student body
Student National Association of Teachers of Singing
Gainesville Chapter: Student NATS (SNATS) Chapter is an organization of students that can meet, hold events and discussions, participate, practice, and learn more about voice as a profession
Student Society for Musicology
The primary purpose of this organization is to serve University of Florida students as a forum for discussion and promotion of musicology, defined as the academic study of all musics in all times and places
Swamp Records
Swamp Record, UF's very own student-run record label, explores and promotes the music industry at the University of Florida as well as the Gainesville area and to aid those who wish to advance themselves in the industry and art
Tangible Productions
UF's only video production student organization. We specialize in DSLR filmmaking and provide our services to other UF organizations as well
The Art & Science Collaborative
TASC aims to integrate the arts community along with the science community to foster highly adaptive creators and thinkers. We aim to foster an innovative and collaborative environment through design projects, workshops and exhibitions
The Belly Gators
Instruction in belly dance, organize shows, learn about history and culture, meetings & participation in activities of other student organizations
The Capoeira Club
The Capoeira Club promotes greater awareness of the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira and its attendant culture. The Club teaches regular classes and provides members with the opportunity to participate in various performances and Capoeira festivals
The Entertainment and Special Effects Club
The Entertainment and Special Effects Club (UFX) designs and creates professional grade entertainment and special effect experiences at the University of Florida. Experience more during your college career. UFX
The Gainesville Chapter of Fashion Forward, Inc.
Fashion Forward aids students in developing as an individual. Our mission is to inspire individual creativity and encourage artistic expression. Fashion Forward is especially interested in the correlation between music and show production
The Guitar Club
A guitar club meant to encourage creative expression through all forms of guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Bass). All skill levels accepted. This club explores different guitar styles and applies guitar playing skill to volunteer opportunities and performance
The Painting and Drawing Association
The Painting & Drawing Association is a club geared towards students in the School of Art+Art History, yet welcomes all. PDA organizes trips to see regional shows and galleries as well as brings in professors to talk about concerning issues in the arts
The Sedoctaves
The Sedoctaves is UF's all-female a cappella group. The primary purpose of The Sedoctaves is to recreate the spirit, creativity, and talent of the University of Florida students through a cappella music
The Staff
The Staff is UF's leading all-male acapella group. While fun is our prime objective, The Staff is also a competitive organization with a large repertoire of contemporary songs composed with an a capella twist. Check us out!
The Theoretical Historical and Entertainment Film Club
T.H.E. Film Club is established for the purpose of developing a greater appreciation and understanding of film theory and history whilst incorporating a general love for the movies
The Treblemarkers
The Treblemakers is a musical improv group dedicated to performing and studying the art of musical improvisational comedy
Theatre Strike Force
TSF is the University of Florida's premier improv and sketch comedy group
University Gospel Choir
We are the University Gospel Choir. We seek to encourage others with the spirited performance of gospel music and to impact student life by remaining visible and involved at the University of Florida and in the Gainesville community
University Singers
University Singers is an organization to promote choir music to both the members and the community. It is a performing ensemble and gives concerts twice a semester
Volaticus Aerial Dance Club
Volaticus is a student-run club that teaches aerial dance technique on silks, trapeze and lyra. Meetings are open to all UF and Santa Fe students. No previous experience required. So come dance with us!
voxGraphis is a student organization dedicated to sharing a love for design