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Double Reed Studio

The University of Florida Double Reeds are headed by Dr. Leslie Odom, Associate Professor of Oboe, and Dr. Shannon Lowe, Assistant Professor of Bassoon. Both studios are comprised of talented undergraduate and graduate double reed students; from the non-music major to the performance major all are welcome. During their studies at the University of Florida, double reed students experience an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and camaraderie in their respective studios as well as amongst their other double reed playing peers. 

Besides collaborating on a weekly basis in the UF Double Reed Ensemble, students engage in weekly lessons with their professors; experience weekly studio classes that cover a wide range of topics from performance anxiety management to mock auditions; perform in studio recitals, Woodwind Area Recitals, and on Student Convocations; perform in community outreach recitals; participate in master classes with Guest Artists; participate in UF Double Reed Days; and learn and develop reed making skills with provided machines and tools in the Double Reed Studio. There is never a dull moment with the UF Double Reeds! 

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