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Faculty News : Feb 8, 2017

Web developer helps UF Digital Worlds students build online portfolios

The portfolios are designed to help students get hired.

By Ansley Pentz

Before a website can be searched for, it has to be coded.  And before it’s coded, it’s just an idea. That’s where Digital Worlds instructor David Flores comes in.

Seniors in the course entitled Design and Production Studio 4 (DPS 4) build online portfolios and bring their ideas to life — virtually, at least.  Flores teaches them about Internet-based technologies and content generation, specifically focusing on market-research techniques, user experience, and design and web development.

DPS 4 is one of the capstone classes in the Bachelor of Digital Arts and Sciences program, designed to help students get hired after they graduate, Flores explained.

“They should have a combination of skills plus experience,” he said.

Flores encourages students to show employers what their strong suits are, like being a good leader or team player.  They should also share examples of their work and related experiences, he said.

“We’re giving them guidance and letting them decide what’s best to showcase their talents,” he said.

When he’s not teaching at Digital Worlds, Flores works at Onward Development, a Gainesville-based company that creates web and mobile applications.  There, he manages a team of web developers.  He is also the Vice President of the Gainesville Area Innovation network, a grassroots, entrepreneur-support organization.

Before joining the UF community, Flores earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Florida International University in Miami.  He graduated from UF in 2013 with his Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. Of his transitions from economics to business to web development, Flores said, laughing, “You build the path as you go along.”