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Faculty News : Dec 3, 2014

Ulisses Rocha releases 12th album at special event in Gainesville on December 4

By Jessie Ward

Brazilian guitarist, composer and adjunct professor, Ulisses Rocha, will be releasing his 12th album this month, kicking it off with a special release party at the Hippodrome Theatre Basement. Rocha has achieved international acclaim with worldwide performances and several collaborations with other renowned artists.

The record is titled Soul Colors which, to Rocha, represents his commitment to the expression, not the perfection of this record.

“This album is the beginning of a review process,” says Rocha. “Instrumental music never gets old, so it’s important to keep the repertoire alive.”

With 11 previous albums under his belt, Rocha considers why the 12th is so special. “I decided to re-record some of my old compositions, applying my new viewing of them and of myself as a musician,” Rocha explains. “Actually, I'm mixing the old and new stuff, and I plan to mix new songs with new arrangements of old ones.”

Rocha enjoyed working on this record thanks in part to his control of all the production steps. “I composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered it by myself. This record was born in Gainesville, in my home,” Rocha explains. “This experience made the record process very exciting and shows feelings of that moment with no masks.”

Rocha’s 12th Album Release Party, presenting Soul Colors, will be Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. in the Hippodrome Theatre Basement. Tickets are $10 at the Hippodrome Box Office or by calling 352-375-4477.