In the Loop
Student Stories : Nov 30, 2016

UF art education students make recyclable “sound suits”

By Francesca Levy

If you visited the Florida Museum of Natural History last week you might have seen a mannequin covered with an interesting assortment of reused and recycled materials. This was the product of UF’s art education students enrolled in the "Principles of Teaching Art" class this semester.

These upper division art education students participated in a teaching unit at Expressions Learning Academy in Gainesville. The art education students came up with the idea of creating a “sound suit” with the students at Expressions Learning Academy that was made entirely of recycled and reused materials and inspired by contemporary artist Nick Cave. The art education students spent 5 weeks at Expressions, working with a group of 3rd grade students to create the suit entirely from reused materials. At the end of the 5 weeks, each 3rd grade student had the opportunity to try on the suit and perform in it.

“It was pretty amazing to see all of the student’s hard work come together in one project,” said UF art education junior Theresa Ryan. “It was so rewarding to be able to work with the same group of students each week and see their progress.”

After working at Expressions Learning Academy, the art education students learned of the annual "Trashformations" art show and competition at the Florida Museum of Natural History and decided to enter the sound suit they had made as a class. The suit won the “Waste Watcher” award and was on display at the Florida Museum of Natural History until November 27.

“It was really great to win the 'Trashformations' competition and see work I had worked on in class on display,” said UF art education senior Kelsi Quicksall. “I think it shows how great the art education program is!”