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Alumni News : Nov 8, 2016

UF alumnus shows work at Downtown Arts Festival

By Francesca Levy

If you visited the annual Downtown Arts Festival this past weekend you may have stumbled upon some award-winning ceramic instruments. This is the work of local artist and UF alumnus Ken Jensen (BFA ’77). Jensen has been making pottery for over 43 years and has been selling his work at the Downtown Arts Festival since the festival’s beginning.

Jensen began making more traditional pottery, but his recent work is more unconventional. If you stop by Jensen’s show, you will find an array of musical sculptures such as horns, whistles and string instruments, all beautifully crafted. His most recent work doubles as ceramic sculptures and functional musical instruments.

Every year Jensen travels to art shows around the United States selling his work. Jensen says art shows, such as the Downtown Arts Festival, are the best way to get his work out there and interact with different people who are interested in his work.

If you missed Jensen at this year's Downtown Arts Festival, you can check out his work and find out where he will be showing his work next at