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Alumni News : Jul 19, 2017

SOTD alumni featured in Radiohead music video

By Rachel Sherman

UF School of Theatre + Dance alumni, Lindsay Head (BFA Dance ‘14), Brandon Washington (BFA Dance) and Dylan Kammerer (BFA Theatre ‘09), were recently featured in Radiohead’s newest music video, “Man of War.” Kammerer is the lead in the music video and his brother, Connor Kammerer, co-directed the video.

“I couldn’t have had a more positive experience working on the ‘Man of War’ music video,” Head said. “Everyone on set was so fantastic at their job, and as someone who had never worked on that type of project, I was just so excited to be surrounded by really talented people from different artistic backgrounds.”

At UF, Head also acted in productions by the Florida Players, so reconnecting with other Gators while on the set of the music video was a rewarding experience. Kammerer said he also enjoyed collaborating with fellow Gators during the filming.

“It was really a dream come true,” Kammerer said. “I've been listening to Radiohead since I was a kid with my brother Connor. To work on an ambitious piece with such brilliant artists is all I can ask for, so I'm thankful for that.”

Head’s experience in the music video inspired her to work on future videos. At a young age, she became fascinated with music videos and during her time working on “Man of War”, her interest in them was confirmed.

“Working on this music video allowed me the opportunity to not only work in front of the camera, but also see how people work behind the camera, which are both skills I've always wanted to hone and observe,” said Head.

Head said she received this role because Kammerer contacted her about the opportunity.

“Needless to say, I immediately canceled all other plans,” Head said.

Watch Head, Washington and Kammerer's performances in Radiohead's "Man of War" on YouTube.