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Video : Oct 24, 2019

Shoemaking: a language of culture and individual identity

By Coral Dixon (MA Museology '19) & Whitney Speck (BFA Ceramics '21)

Heidi Powell, an Assistant Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies for the Art Education Program Online, is one of the artists featured in the School of Art + Art History 53rd Studio Faculty Art Exhibition at the Harn Museum of Art from August 23, 2019 to January 5, 2020. For Powell, shoemaking is a way to tell the interconnected stories of different individuals and cultures.

"A lot of our environment is really transcultural, where we learn about the different significance or symbols in one culture that maybe represent something different in another," Powell said. "Culture is language and that's how I feel about art, art is language. And so when we look at shoes and shoemaking, it becomes a language of not only culture but of individual identity."