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General News : Apr 26, 2017

School of Music honors scholarship recipients at its annual Performance Convocation

By Marissa Secades

On March 24, 2017, the University of Florida School of Music held its annual Performance Convocation at the Music Building. At the end of every school year, the School of Music gathers to celebrate its students, culminating in a final performance for the year. Students who have been awarded scholarships through the School of Music are also honored. With many of the scholarship donors in attendance, like Sally Ryden, students have the opportunity to meet those who have contributed to their education by generously donating to the School of Music.

For Ryden, a member of Friends of Music, this was the second Performance Convocation she has had the pleasure of attending.

“I love seeing students who are so talented receiving the recognition they have earned,” she said.  

Having sung in choral groups since she was a young girl, Ryden has always had a great appreciation for music. She was inspired to support the School of Music by her good friend and Voice Professor Dr. Tony Offerle, starting the Emily Anne Bell Scholarship for Excellence in Music in 2014. This year, [enter student’s name] was the recipient of the Emily Anne Bell Scholarship for Excellence in Music, which is named after Ryden’s daughter who earned her PhD in Music History and Musicology from UF.

“The most touching moment was when the student receiving my scholarship came up afterward and gave me a hug,” said Ryden. “The School of Music is where my heart is.”

Jim Theriac, the President of Friends of Music, was also in attendance. He expressed great praise for the School of Music, wishing others members of the UF community and greater Gainesville area would come to these performances to watch their world-class faculty and gifted students.

“Music either moves you or it doesn’t, and for most of us, it does move us,” Theriac said. “And so, I get to spend my time listening to great music, talking to musicians. What could be better?”

Congratulations to all the students receiving scholarships this year:

Jordan Key
Aaron Janosa
Timothy Brennan
Jiazhi Sun
Mattia Imponenti
Marcos Sanchez
Ashley Shalna
Taylor Pomerleau
Dominique Baeta
Jason Longtin
Nishad Vaidya
Dominique Baeta
Rafael Riera
Diogo Carvalho
Amanda Grohowski
Sophie Press
Lauren Richard
Sabrina Baeta
Patrick Bain
Katherine Graham
McKenna Nelson
Jimmy Sexton
Lillian Messer
Justin Trainor-Renzi
Mason Anthony
Carli Castillon
Gabriel Alberts
Michael Riccardi
Aaron Janosa
Brandon McKinley
Jose Gabriel Sanchez
Wade Fitzgerald
Jacquelyn Vondette
Dominique Baeta
Brooks James

Thank you to the Friends of Music and all others who have graciously donated to the School of Music through these scholarships.