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Alumni News : Mar 6, 2017

SA+AH alumni exhibit art as part of Bulla Cubana

By Chaz May

School of Art + Art History alumni Miguel Saludes and Jefreid Lotti were chosen to present their work as part of the Bulla Cubana Festival which takes place January - March 2017 around North Central Florida, everywhere from Gainesville to Saint Augustine.

Lotti and Saludes, who both received their Master of Fine Arts from the University of Florida in 2016, teamed up with contemporary artist Alvaro Labañino to present their original works at this one-of a-kind celebration. The group of artists, known together as “Sérverus,” said they were excited to be a part of this three-month event that celebrates their Hispanic heritage.

“Sons of Hispanic immigrants hailing from Cuban and Honduran origins, we exemplify the heterogeneous diversity that fuels progress in America,” Saludes said. “The opportunity to represent our heritage as part of the Bulla Cubana Festival makes this event the more profound and meaningful.”

The exhibit, also titled Sérverus, showcased all three of the artist's work, and allowed them to expose the audience to three different artists and styles of work at one time. This was the sixth time that the group Sérverus has shown together.

Sérverus opened on March 3 at the Lost Art Gallery in Saint Augustine.

For more information on the Bulla Cubana Festival, visit