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Alumni News : Jun 6, 2017

Outstanding Young Alumni update: Paul Stancato

By Rachel Sherman

Paul Stancato (MFA Theatre ‘98) was named an Outstanding Young Alumnus of the College of the Arts in 2013 because of his dedication to UF and his successful career as a choreographer and director.

Stancato made a mark for himself at UF by co-founding and working as Artistic Director for the renowned theatre company, Apria Players, during his time as a student. UF truly influenced his career as a theater artist.

“I received valuable training in a wide range of acting styles, directing techniques and movement philosophies,” Stancato said. “I gained more than knowledge, but also mentors that continue to support me to this day.”

UF made a lasting impact on Stancato because he has been able to implement the same knowledge and principles that he learned at UF to his current career. Stancato also made friends during his time at UF that developed into lifelong friendships.

From 2006 to 2010, Stancato acted as Resident Director for the National Tour of Disney’s The Lion King after graduating from UF. His work with The Lion King provided him the opportunity to perfect his skills as a director.

“[Directors] have a strong vision and the ability to communicate that vision to their team,” Stancato said. “To be able to find the story you want to tell and stay true to that story is key to directing.”

In addition to his work experience with The Lion King, Paul also taught directing and acting master classes at colleges throughout the country. His MFA in Theatre from UF thoroughly prepared him for his work in academia.

“I was inspired by my teachers, and I hope I can give back to my students half as much as I was given by mine,” Stancato said.

Stancato’s passion for theatre and his educational background from UF shaped his career into an award-winning one.

“Whenever I give a master class, I always begin with an exercise or a quote that was taught to me at UF,” said Stancato. “It's a strong legacy I'm proud to be a part of.”

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