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Alumni News : Apr 6, 2016

Museum Studies alumna secures new position at the Kimbell Art Museum

By Katie Loughrey

Shelly Threadgill (MFA Museum Studies '14), has recently gained a new job as Assistant Registrar at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. This is a dream job for Threadgill as she initially pursued a museum studies degree in part due to the Kimbell.

Threadgill “fell in love with museums and the Kimbell simultaneously,” and has many fond memories of childhood visits to the Kimbell which sparked her curiosity and love of art. Her career started while working with a Fine Art Services company during her undergraduate degree, and Threadgill has been working in the museum field ever since.

During her time at the University of Florida, Threadgill spent two summers interning with the Kimbell, where she first learned to install an exhibition. She has always longed to return as a full time staff member in her favorite museum though she “never expected it to happen so soon!”

Threadgill was drawn to the Kimbell due to “the quality of art they own and the passion which they put into every installation,” a passion she now contributes to as Assistant Registrar. Threadgill enjoys working in an institution where she is “surrounded by art every day." She continued, "I love getting to work on behind the scenes things that the average museum visitor may not even know takes place.”

On her work at the Kimbell, Threadgill states that “installing and deinstalling new shows, while incredibly stressful, is probably my favorite part of my job. I love working closely with the art and meeting new people who are involved with pieces in the show.”