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Alumni News : Apr 23, 2014

Matthew Schreiber exhibition reviewed

Alumnus Matthew Schreiber’s work is currently on view in his solo exhibition titled Slideshow at the Johannes Vogt Gallery in New York. The exhibition, will be on view through May 10, 2014 was recently reviewed by SFAQ International Arts and Culture. Below is an excerpt from the article by Shana Beth Mason. 

”Light and shadow, as a form of structural aesthetics, is hardly a novel phenomenon. And yet, artists and architects consistently search for outlets where practical physics may be teased at or changed, entirely. In his solo exhibition Sideshow, at Johannes Vogt in Chelsea, Matthew Schreiber utilizes varying stages of light as the conceptual anchor for experimentations with holograms, lasers, and the disorienting experience of a total blackout in a darkroom capsule (called a tumbler) previously owned by Life Magazine photographer Art Shay. While the show’s title might have immediate associations with circus freaks and events considered too “strange” or “alternative” for a general audience, Schreiber’s elegant setup is the antithesis of the greasy, imaginary barker shouting “step right up!” Having served as a chief lighting expert for James Turrell for the last thirteen years, Schreiber’s work for the artist paid great dividends, leading to the nationwide retrospective between LACMA, The Guggenheim, and the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston).”

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