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Faculty News : Jun 2, 2015

Marko Suvajdzic joins UF’s Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows

By Chelsey Freeman

Associate Director of UF’s Digital Worlds Institute Marko Suvajdzic was invited in March to become a Fellow within the Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows. Suvajdzic accepted and now is part of a group that he says is as excited about his work as he is.

Housed within Warrington College of Business Administrations’ Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows program celebrates scholars who think and act in entrepreneurial ways and is open to full-time UF faculty members of all academic disciplines and areas. The Fellows are provided with financial support if needed for their project and attend monthly lunches to discuss ideas and ask questions.

“More than anything it means I have resources at my fingertips to achieve my goals,” Suvajdzic said.

Suvajdzic’s project is bridging the gap between academia and the video games startup industry.” He said he feels like he is a great help to his students by sharing the contacts he has made over the years from being an entrepreneur of six start-ups, a CEO/Owner of O2D Studio (a video games development company) and more.

Suvajdzic is originally from Serbia and was the department head and founder of the first department for the Computer Arts and Design in the Republic of Serbia. He lectures in schools and conferences there and in many other parts of the world so he can pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

“I felt that that was my contribution to my people,” Suvajdzic said.

Suvajdzic enjoys sports games recently like FIFA, and he plays Wii Connect with his kids. But out of the games he has created, his favorite has not been played yet.

“My favorite game is always the next one.”