In the Loop
Alumni News : Apr 30, 2015

Longtime Florida artist Mernet Larsen exhibits her work in Los Angeles

By Jessie Ward

Carving, scraping and collaging on tracing paper are important parts of the physical process of painting for Mernet Larsen (BFA Painting ’62) who creates large acrylic figure paintings of simplified, geometric volumes. Using reverse, parallel and mixed perspectives, she attempts to dislocate the viewer so that one has no vantage point and can feel omnipresent.

“I have always been inspired by a desire to infuse my ordinary life with significance through constructing, not expressing, meaning,” says Larsen. “I look for models in the history of abstract painting and Asian painting that lend themselves to being springboards for fresh, unconventional approaches to representation.”

Larsen recently had the opportunity to showcase her unique paintings in a new space in Hollywood. Various Small Fires owner, Ester Kim Veret, was looking for new artists and was introduced to Larsen through a trusted friend’s recommendation. After viewing her website, the two met over brunch and things went from there. Immediate promoting and planning was underway and the show was developed.

Larsen and her husband were able to make their first trip to Los Angeles for the show, which ran from February 28 to April 18, and they were greeted enthusiastically by Veret, her staff and show goers alike.

“The show exceeded my expectations,” says Larsen. “It was positively and lengthily reviewed and most of the work sold to major collectors, and two museum acquisitions are pending.

“I continue to get very gratifying feedback about the work!”

Larsen will have three paintings in a show at Sadie Coles Gallery in London this summer as well as two shows in Gainesville this fall, and one with her New York Gallery, Johannes Vogt, next winter.