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Faculty News : Aug 10, 2016

Joseph Dangerfield's summer of teaching and research in Italy

Visiting Assistant Professor Joseph Dangerfield spent two weeks in Alba, Italy during his first season as a resident faculty member of the Alba Music Festival. While there, he taught composition lessons, gave lectures about Spectral Music, and premiered three new works as resident pianist. Following Alba, Dangerfield traveled to Rome on a Center for European Studies Grant, where he completed new spectral research focusing on the reflective properties of light quanta in the Piazza del Campidoglio. Following the collection of data, he translated the light quanta into the aural spectrum, and is now utilizing the frequencies to generate compositional source material, a new extension of the so-called spectral attitude in music. His research will appear in a paper in late fall/early spring, and will be featured in a new work, commissioned by pianist Ann DuHamel, to be premiered in New Mexico in October.