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Alumni News : Sep 10, 2014

Jennifer Leasor joins Midwest Archeological Center as museum curator

By Karin Roberts

The NPS Midwest Archeological Center (MWAC) in Lincoln, Nebraska, is pleased to welcome Jenny Leasor as the new museum curator. Leasor will provide curatorial assistance to over 70 park units, develop procedures and protocols for collections management responsibilities, and manage MWAC’s artifact and archive repository.

Leasor is currently the museum curator at Pipe Spring NM in Fredonia, Arizona, and has developed the park’s museum program, implemented policies and procedures necessary to support collections management functions, established new partnerships and helped institute youth internship programs. Prior to Pipe Spring NM, she worked in the museum program at the South Florida Collections Management Center at Everglades NP, and she worked at Harpers Ferry Center in the Museum and Conservation Services Division. During her tenure there, she served as a project lead for the WASO Service-wide NPS Film Preservation (“Cold Storage”) Project.

Prior to the NPS, Leasor held positions at several state museums and other institutions that provided her with experience in preservation and management of museum collections. She is an accomplished technical writer and has authored multiple NPS publications and presentations related to integrated pest management, job safety, records management, and other museum-related topics. Leasor also has been active in planning and coordinating resource management projects; training courses; and special projects with NPS partners, tribal partners, and CESU universities.

Leasor holds a BA in English from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, and a MA in Museum Studies from the University of Florida. She is currently completing a second MA in English at Northern Arizona University.