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General News : Feb 8, 2017

International Brass Festival brings together students, professionals and community

By Abigail Friedman

The University of Florida School of Music hosted the International Brass Festival last weekend, February 3-5. The festival was a multi-day project that aimed to bring together consumers and musicians of all brass instruments. Erik Shinn, the director the event, described the International Brass Festival as “a truly unique event.”

Throughout the weekend there were a variety of events taking place in the School of Music. Through clinics, lectures and various performances, players of all ages got to take part in the festival. The events culminated in a panel discussion on Sunday afternoon where artists and students were able to interact.

“As artists it’s our responsibility to find ways to connect with our audiences so to me this is one of the most important events at the festival even though it won’t involve music per say,” Shinn said.

Other highlights from the festival included the Edwards Trumpet Solo Competition and the exhibitor room where participants could try out instruments.

“The brass faculty at UF is extremely talented and well-educated; however, it’s often helpful for our students to hear ideas from other sources,” Shinn said, who enjoyed having students and other members of the community interact with some world class musicians. “Even if it’s the same concepts, but explained in a different way, it can make a big difference in someone’s education and musicianship.”