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General News : Jul 17, 2019

How Creative B inspires creative activity on campus

By Whitney Speck (BFA Ceramics ‘21)

Creativity is ignited by simply talking and listening to people.

This seemingly basic step is the start of establishing shared interests, according to Amy Bucciarelli, an art therapist who serves as the UF Creative Engagement Liaison and on faculty with the Center for Arts in Medicine.

“Collaboration begins when we challenge ourselves to step outside of our normal comfort zone and try new things,” Bucciarelli said. 

Collaboration is necessary for every aspect of our lives. It is the start of social interaction, the sharing of ideas, and then the understanding and application of that knowledge to understand another person. This way of learning is accomplished by being open to new scenarios and by simply talking and listening to people.

At the university level, collaboration can be vital.  With the breadth of a huge university, the opportunity to engage with new ideas can be overwhelmingly exciting. According to Bucciarelli, pushing  “ourselves to move beyond our typical college departments units and look towards what’s going on” in other sections of the university is important. This is where creativity begins.

“I see the University of Florida and its colleges as the epicenter for creativity,” Bucciarelli said. “This is where the fresh, new ideas are coming up through our world. It’s where young minds are being stretched. Eyes are opened to new things. I think creativity is really at the heart of that.”

For the faculty and students at a sometimes fast-paced university, Bucciarelli said the summer can be a time for creative adventure and exploration. 

Since 2010, the Office of the Provost has annually sponsored Creative B, a summer programming of creative activity. Each year during the Summer B semester, various campus departments offer live, cultural performances and interdisciplinary activities. 

“It is a great way for faculty particularly to take an intentional step back and maybe step out to collaborate with their partners across campus and do some really interesting and innovative, different programming than they would normally have time or access to during the regular school year,” said Bucciarelli, who assists in coordinating the departments in her role as the UF Creative Engagement Liaison. 

This year’s partners include the College of the Arts, Center for Undergraduate Research, Florida Museum of Natural History and Harn Museum of Art. 

While the programming helps to bring together these various departments and create opportunities for faculty to collaborate, Creative B ultimately produces events and activities for students and the local community. 

“Creative B helps students and the community engage with programming that highlights creative thinking, creative engagement through the arts and creative collaborations among faculty, staff and community members,” Bucciarelli said. 

As for this year’s programming, Bucciarelli affirmed all of the events are exceptional.

The Florida Museum’s movie series offers a wide range of genres from pop culture to romance to historic. The School of Theatre and Dance is producing Theatre. Immersion. Education., a community-based theatre project focused on social justice issues that use the actor’s perspective and experience to create the piece. 

“The method is created out of what the community members feel like are their own perspectives and experiences,” Bucciarelli said. 

The Creative B music ensembles invite students and members of the community to participate. The Summer Chorus brings together the Gainesville Community Chorus with UF students, and the Summer Band and Orchestra invite the community to audition as part of the ensemble. Students in the ensembles can earn academic credit. 

“It’s a great opportunity for students to learn from our community members and for our community members to collaborate with our students,” Bucciarelli said.

Programming for each summer is determined through an application process that Bucciarelli coordinates. The application for summer 2020 opens in fall 2019 and will be available on the Creative B website.

“If we don't take the time out to enjoy the world around us and have fun, then we are stifling our creativity,” Bucciarelli said. “Creative B is here to remind us to enjoy the beauty and the aesthetic that our culture has to offer.”

For questions about Creative B, please contact Amy Bucciarelli at

2019 Creative B Activities 

Public Art Project
Artist's Lecture, Sept. 12
Public Reception, Sept. 13

Center for Arts in Medicine and Harn Museum of Art
Unseen American Photography Installation, May 24 – September 8

School of Music
Creative B Summer Band, July 8 – Aug. 8
UF Summer Symphony Orchestra, July 9 – Aug. 8
UF Summer Chorus, July 1 – Aug. 9

School of Theater + Dance
T.I.E. (Theatre. Immersion. Education), July 16 – 18, July 19 – 21
Swamp Dance Fest!, July 26 – 28
Second Chances, Aug. 2 – 4

Florida Museum of Natural History
Creative B Movie Series, Fridays, July 5 – 26 

Office of Undergraduate Research
Course Offering, Research Methods at UF: How do we know?

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