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Alumni News : Apr 9, 2015

Emily Green books two shows in Chicago

By Leland Henry

After moving to Chicago in January, Emily Green (MFA ‘14) has booked two roles for two different theatre companies in the Windy City. Green will end her three weeks of performances in The Foundlings Theatre Company’s To The New Girl on April 11, 2015. The show is a series of monologues, and Green plays Shelia, a woman who was unable to have a child while married and is now talking to her ex husband’s new wife.

“We are similar in the fact that there is something we want in our lives that we will pursue beyond any reason,” said Green. “Being an actor and moving to Chicago was like that drive to follow the dream of what I want in life.”

Green’s next project will take her on a tour of Illinois in Much Ado About Nothing with Stone Soup Shakespeare this summer. This six-week tour will begin in Carbondale, Illinois, and end in the northern part of the state with most of the performances done outdoors.

“We’re doing sort of Shakespeare in the Park for people,” said Green. “It will be a lot of fun because I’ve never done any outdoor performing before. It will be an adventure.”

Green said that her vocal training from UF has paid off, as her voice is the first thing people comment on when she auditions. She also said her overall experience at UF has helped her in her day-to-day life as a working actress.

“Auditioning forces you to continually work in a fast-paced environment,” said Green. “I moved from one thing to the next in grad school, so I am used to that and am always ready to go.”

Performance dates and locations for Much Ado About Nothing will be announced soon.