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Faculty News : Apr 5, 2018

Dr. Randy Lee on the road from Kansas to Spain

Trumpeter Dr. Randy Lee had a busy month full of traveling and performing this March. Lee performed Dr. Anthony Maglione’s Mystic Trumpeter at the Grace Episcopal Cathedral in Topeka, Kansas March 18, 2018 with the William Jewell Concert Choir and the New England Conservatory Chamber Singers under the direction of Erica Washburn, countertenor Jay Carter, soprano Kayleigh Aytes, baritone Ron Witzke, organist Ann Marie Rigler, a brass ensemble, and percussion.

Dr. Anthony Maglione’s Mystic Trumpeter is an eight movement cantata based on the Walt Whitman poem of the same title. Each movement portrays a different emotion, covering the full range of experience from love to war, as reflected in the stanzas of the poem. The culmination of the piece ends in absolute joy in the eighth and final movement.    

Soon after, Lee presented trumpet masterclasses and performed in and around Valencia, Spain from March 26 through March 30, 2018. His visits included the Conservatorio Superior de Valencia "Joaquín Rodrigo", Conservatori Professional de Musica “Jose Climent” de Oliva, the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castellón, and Dr. Jordi Albert Studios. With the help of organization and translation by Dr. Jordi Albert, Lee taught and interacted with over 75 trumpeters, toured the Stomvi trumpet factory, and enjoyed a pedagogical and cultural exchange.