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Staff News : Nov 16, 2016

COTA staff member appointed to board of the Florida Cultural Alliance

By Casey Wooster

The Florida Cultural Alliance (FCA) appoints Jennifer Coolidge, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs for UF College of the Arts, as their newest board member.

Coolidge sees this appointment as an exciting continuation of her career’s work in “linking arts to people and a great part is advocacy.”

Founded in 1983, the FCA respects the vitally important and diverse roles arts and cultural resources play throughout the entire state. These arts and cultural resources help to develop and enhance Florida’s creative and innovation economy as well as the overall quality of life for everyone. In their effort to advance the state’s art and cultural resources, the FCA works to initiate, develop and strengthen local, state and national partnerships. Through a collective voice, the FCA aims to strengthen advocacy, communications, research, culturally friendly policies and educational efforts throughout Florida.

FCA president Sherron Long expresses that alliance is thrilled to have Coolidge join their board:

“Jennifer brings unique skills and expansive experience” says Long, but most importantly Coolidge, also, brings “her real commitment and passion for the arts across the state.”

A characteristic that Long describes as being hard to find today.

Coolidge is excited to work with Long as well because “she has been a mentor and a leader in arts advocacy” over the course of Coolidge’s career.

With a track record of dedication and a passion for the arts, Coolidge has not only lead the way in cultivating support for the College's fundraising initiatives, but has served at various arts organizations throughout the state of Florida, including the Museum of Florida Art (DeLand, FL), the Florida Alliance for Art Education and the Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL). Coolidge has, also, received numerous awards for her leadership in the arts and has been recognized as a Florida Ambassador of the Arts by then-First Lady of Florida, Columba Bush, in 2005.

Coolidge looks forward to continuing her work in advocating for Florida’s arts and cultural resources.

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