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Alumni News : Dec 5, 2016

Ceramics MFA alumnus opens his residency exhibition at the Lux Center for the Arts

By Rachel Sherman

UF alumnus Nathan Murray (MFA ‘15) recently opened his residency exhibition titled "Color Theory" at the Lux Center for the Arts in Nebraska. He explores social and political issues, including identity, race and racism, in his exhibition.  

Murray has also been offered an emerging artist fellowship at the Lux Center for the Arts. He is excited to continue the work he began in his first year of residency during this fellowship.

“Social issues are challenging issues to deal with and often times evoke a polarizing response for people,” Murray said when asked what inspired his residency exhibition.

He also drew a parallel between racial issues and religion because he said these issues are often seen as impolite to discuss, and thus, they go unsolved.

Murray's experience, coming from a multiracial family, has brought to his attention that racism still persists.

“I’ve come to understand that people of differing ethnic backgrounds have much in common,” Murray asserted. “Honest discussion and a willingness to listen are often the first step to solving problems large and small.”  

Regarding Murray’s upcoming emerging artist fellowship at the Lux Center for the Arts, he is excited to stay a second year because the work he participated in during his residency was so rewarding. Murray had the opportunity to teach art to kids detained in a youth detention facility during his first year.

“So much of my work has explored problems with the criminal justice system, and seeing teens locked up has been an eye-opening experience,” Murray said.

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