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Faculty News : Feb 22, 2016

Assistant Professor and University Scholars Program student present at the University of Alabama

Assistant Professor Lisa Iglesias is a recipient of the 2016 Southeastern Conference Faculty Travel Grant​ - a grant to support and promote the academic endeavors of the students and faculty at the conference’s member institutions.

As part of her SEC Grant project, Iglesias traveled to University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa where she delivered an artist talk about her research, facilitated a drawing workshop about experimentation and collaboration, and installed an exhibition of new work at a local gallery, The Fuel and Lumber Company.

Iglesias is, also, a faculty mentor for UF undergraduate University Scholars Program participant Dessarae Bassil, a fourth year drawing student. As part of their USP project, Iglesias and Bassil presented a selection of collaborative drawings and research at the University of Alabama. Iglesias commented:

"My experience at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa was very generative and community oriented. Dessarae and I met exceptional makers and writers and shared our collaborative and individual research, connecting our campuses with ideas for future interactions."

For more information about Iglesias' show at The Fuel and Lumber Company, click here.