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Student Stories : Jun 9, 2017

Arts in Medicine Student Stories: Lisa Swanson

"The Online Graduate Certificate Arts in Medicine program is an excellent program and has literally changed my life. When I started the program I did not have art experience in a healthcare environment; my art experience was in teaching and in ministry. I have found that the online flexible program’s curriculum is designed for students with different backgrounds and levels of experience. The curriculum, combined with the interaction from the excellent instructors and other students with varied levels of experience, prepared me for a professional practice in arts in medicine.

The career specific healthcare and art curriculum equipped me with valuable knowledge to enter the medical environment during my practicum experience. Within a few weeks of facilitating patient bedside art in the hospital, passion and compassion, was unlocked in me. I found I loved facilitating art one on one with the patient. Every time I entered a patient’s room it was exciting to see and experience how the creative flow brought wellness to the patient in a variety of ways. This fueled my passion for a career in Arts in Medicine.

My experience through the program has developed new levels of understanding and creativity within me with fresh perspective in my own personal art practice. I am a ceramic sculptor and through the course readings, assignments and practicum experience I have started to create ceramic tile healing wall art installations created by the patients during bedside art. Through an ongoing creative flow and understanding of self-care and creative activity I have found a new freedom in my art and in exploring other art mediums.

I highly recommend the online degree experience in Arts in Medicine. I am looking forward to pursuing my Masters Degree in Arts in Medicine once the online degree opens up at the University of Florida."

Lisa Swanson serves as an Arts in Medicine Practitioner, and is an alumna of the UF Center for Arts in Medicine Masters Program.