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Alumni News : Feb 5, 2018

Art of Love: Sam Hull and Brian Craig

By Rachel Rockwell

Sam Hull (M.F.A. Theatre ‘96) moved to Gainesville on a Wednesday. By Friday, he’d met his partner of 24 years. On Sunday, they had their first date - miniature golf followed by Dairy Queen.

Hull had only been in Gainesville two days when a friend suggested a night on the town before the rigmarole of classes began. Although not interested in going out, he went anyway.

While dancing with friends at University Club, Brian Craig, a Shands employee and former UF student, joined in, eventually asking Hull for his phone number.

“Two days later he took me on a date, and the rest is 24 and a half years of water under the bridge,” Hull said.

Their grooving didn’t end on the University Club dance floor. At a theatre department Christmas party in 1993, their slow dance “sent everyone’s heads spinning.”

“Let’s just say it was a first in the theatre department,” Hull said. “Can you imagine what the greater campus thought?”

The pair currently live in Portland, Oregon, and spend their time volunteering with various causes. They also participate in both league and travel league bowling, winning a combined total of 3 medals - one gold, one silver, one bronze - at the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney, Australia.

Hull advises that compromise is key to a lasting relationship like his.

“Life won't always be about what you want,” he said. “Sometimes it is about your partner, and sometimes it is about factors outside your relationship. The two of you must be aligned to succeed.”