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Alumni News : Feb 14, 2017

Art of Love: Robin and David Laidlaw

By Mandy McDade

Robin Laidlaw (BA Graphic Design ’80) remembers exactly where she was when she first saw her future husband David: the 4th floor of the Fine Arts Building. It was her very first class on her first day at the University of Florida in 1976. Forty and a half years later, the Laidlaws are happily married, with two sons, Ash and Everett.

Though it was almost love at first sight, the two started out as just friends. After spending a lot of time getting to know each other, romance followed.

“We were the official ‘graphic design couple’ because there were only about 28 students in the program,” Robin said.

Today, the Laidlaw’s own a graphic design shop in Miami. The couple shares a mutual love of art, music, fine dining and traveling — and they both agree in the importance of compromise.

“You can’t get your way all the time,” Robin said. “It’s a give and take.”