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Alumni News : Feb 14, 2019

Art of Love: Kimberly and Andrew Poulsen

By Sunny Khan (BA History '19)

Kimberly and Andrew Poulsen owe their love story to the first day of graphic design class in the fall of 1987. Their fate was prophesied by the late Jack Nicholson, professor and cupid.

“The couple that designs together stays together,” he said that first day.

The couple quickly noticed each other and began dating.

Their first date was at Chili’s. On the drive home, Andrew (BDESF '89) told Kimberly (BDESF '89) that she was the woman he would marry.

During their remaining time at UF, they enjoyed Gainesville with their close group of graphic design friends.

“We have so many fond memories of our time at UF: Gator games, Burrito Brothers, all-nighter design projects ending up at Skeeters, and the Orange and Brew,” Kimberly said.

Their prophecy came in full circle when the pair attended an event at the Harn Museum of Art and bumped into their former professor Nicholsen nine years later. Kimberly was seven months pregnant with her and Andrew’s first child.

“I was in all my glory bursting in denim overalls… and Professor Nicholson’s smile seemed to say that he knew all along that his prophecy had come true,” she said. “We’re so thankful that we met at UF and have lived happily ever after.”

Kimberly and Andrew have been married for 31 years and have two children. A now 18 years-old daughter, Xan, and a 14 year-old son, Blake. They currently live in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and enjoy spending their life together painting, traveling and wine tasting.

“Don’t both give 50%, always give 100%,” they said as advice for other couples. “And be kind to one another."