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Alumni News : Feb 14, 2019

Art of Love: Jeanie and Scott Redmon

By Sunny Khan (BA History '19)

Jeanie (BDESF '88) met Scott (BLAE '88when she spilled a tray of drinks on his lap at a dance club called Mirrors.

"Scott was there with his crew that he was building greenhouses with that summer," Jeanie said. "When I spilled my tray on him, his boss told me I owed him a date to make up for it."

We laughed and agreed to go to breakfast at Skeeters after my shift.

The couple became good friends exploring Gainesville. They would ride their bikes, go hiking, and visit Devil’s Den and other nearby springs. That friendship eventually grew into a romance with memories all over Gainesville.

Scott’s studio in the architecture building was right next door to Jeanie’s studio in the fine arts building.

“We would plan our breaks together before classes because there were no cell phones,” Jeanie said.

They earned their degrees in 1988 and got married the next year at the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota. After their wedding, they moved to Winter Park and have been there ever since.

They both got great jobs after graduation and then started their own landscape architecture firm in 1992. Redmon Design Company is still going strong and grew into a garden merchandise company called Alfresco Living.

The two have a daughter, Abby, who is a professional artist and a son, Beck, who started attending the UF College of Design, Construction, and Planning for landscape architecture with plans to work for Redmon Design.

The Redmons have been married 34 years and had advice for how to make love last, even when you are working together.

“Like what each other likes and have fun doing it,” they said.