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Alumni News : Feb 19, 2018

Art of Love: Jeanette Bullock and Zakriya Rabani

By Madison Hallman

Jeanette Bullock fell in love hard and fast with goofy longboarder Zakriya Rabani.

Bullock was immediately intrigued when she met Rabani at a casual fine arts brunch and knew she wanted to get to know him better. They both took classes in the same four buildings for three years, yet they never met until that day.

“We hit it off pretty quickly, but it took six more months before we decided to go on our first date after rekindling through social media,” Bullock said. “He made me spaghetti and meatballs at his house, and I had to run out on him after only two hours to go help my younger brother.”

Even though Bullock cut the first date short, the couple are now going on three years of dating and are newly engaged.

They are both art-lovers passionate about art therapy, sculptures and delicious food.

Bullock and Rabani both graduated in 2015. Jeanette received her B.F.A. in art and B.S. in psychology, and Rabani received a B.F.A. in sculpture.

Both Bullock and Rabani were pursuing their master’s degrees in different locations. Bullock was studying art history but moved to Tampa in August to be with Rabani, who is studying sculpture.

Bullock has learned from her relationship with Rabani to “fall in love with somebody that can make you laugh in the hardest times.”