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Alumni News : Feb 14, 2019

Art of Love: Chris and Jodi Zelman

By Sunny Khan (BA History '19)

Chris Zelman (BS Geography ‘93) met his future wife Jodi (BSA Food Science & Human Nutrition ‘96) while in Gator Marching Band. He was captivated by her at first sight and always dreamed of being with her, but for a while the pair remained friends.

They had the opportunity to hang out a lot with their bandmates. Finally during Chris’ senior year on the night of the 1933 Florida-Georgia game, he could not resists any longer. The couple went on their first date to the movies where they saw Demolition Man.

“We’ve been together ever since,” the couple said.

While the pair weren’t studying the same major or from nearby hometowns—Chris being from North Miami beach and Jodi from Orlando—music is essentially what brought them together.

The couple has since settled down in Leesburg, Georgia, where they have two boys ages 14 and 8. They are enjoying the weather of Leesburg and spend their days gardening, working out and keeping up with Gator football and music.

Advice they want couples everywhere to hear: “No argument is more important than your relationship."