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Alumni News : Mar 24, 2016

Alumnus returns to perform in Honky

By Abigail Friedman

Judd Johnson (MFA Acting ‘07) is back in Gainesville for the School of Theatre and Dance’s production of Honky. This is not the first time Johnson has performed in this show. Johnson was in a production of Honky in Los Angeles when he got the call from Dr. Mikell Pinkney inviting him back to the University of Florida to be in the School of Theatre + Dance production.

“It is very different doing Honky here,” explained Johnson. “The energy and tone is completely different and that makes it a completely different play for me.”

Honky is a comedic play that is meant to raise some big issues. Johnson describes Honky as a show that is meant to spark conversation.

“Everyone will have a thought and opinion,” he explained. “At its core it is a discussion play about race and it’s important to talk about.”

Johnson explained how this piece is more relevant than ever. “The Donald Trumps of the world have stirred up some major issues that this play addresses,” Johnson said. Johnson described this election cycle as picking up a rock and showing the world all of the dirt and mess that’s underneath, and this play is a discussion of all of that.

“This production takes this idea of race and puts it on the table for you to look at,” Johnson said. “Characters will say things that will shake you. You will look at yourself and wonder should I laugh at this?”

When not bringing up social issues in Gainesville, Johnson is teaching and pursuing his dream in Los Angeles. He has been in numerous national commercials and is working as a professional actor on the West Coast.

 “My call is to tell stories about the human experience,” Johnson said. “It is interesting and is always changing.” 

March 18 - 26, 2016
Black Box Theatre, McGuire Pavilion
By Greg Kalleres
Directed by Mikell Pinkney
(Adult language and situations)
Tickets: University Box Office, (352) 392-1653 or