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Master Class

Moving to New York

  • Date & Time
    • Wednesday, June 01, 2016 11:00am to 12:15pm
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    • Free
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    “School doesn't always have time and space in the curriculum to cover some of the more practical aspects of moving to a brand new city and starting your career out of college. Maybe you're planning to move to a large city like New York and you've never performed there. For some that segue from school to artistic career can seem intimidating when you have no connections in that town. Where do I meet other artists? Where do I showcase myself? What kind of theatres should I try to be getting work in? How do I meet writers and directors around the city? Should I try to join equity? Should I go out for TV and Film? When we're all running around from audition to audition how do we balance survival job and still keep up artistic goals and personal relationships? Madeleine Bundy will lead a discussion on how to get your artistic life jump started out of college, the challenges we face in a sea of people all trying to get through the door, and how we create our own opportunities.

    Madeleine Bundy: is an actor/singer and also a Graphics/Costume/Prop and Set designer working in New York City. Originally from Anchorage, AK, Madeleine started making props and costume designing for shows when she started theatre at the age of 11. She moved to NYC to study theatre and worked in the Public Theatre's costume shop for two years while she was at school at New York University. Shows she helped build costumes for at the Public Theatre include Fun Home, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino, King Lear starring Sam Waterston, The Tempest, and A Winter's Tale. She was also an assistant to costume designer Michael McDonald for the Hair revival on Broadway. She joined the Flea theatre in the middle of her junior year where she continued designing and performing. Shows she has costumed designed for include Caucasian Chalk Circle written by Bertolt Brecht and directed by Daniel Dabdoub, SketchMachine written and directed by Sean Ireland, Tumors written by Sheila Callaghan and directed by Jessie O'Hearn, Triptych directed by Joel Soren at HEREArts. Often she will costume shows she is also performing in including several costumes for Kapow­i GoGo directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker, and currently she is costuming Puffs or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic at the People's Improv Theatre and directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker. During her three years in the acting company at the Flea Theatre she made dozens of props for #Serials@theflea, a late night play competition. She has also done props/set design for several shows including Puffs, NonSabbatical directed and written by T.Adamson , SketchMachine written and directed by Sean Ireland. Graphics credits include animations for Angel written and directed by Daniel Dabdoub, and posters for Kapow­i GoGo and Puffs. As an actor, she was recently seen as the titular character in Kapow­i GoGo (The PIT), Engagements by Lucy Teitler (Ensemble Studio Theatre) and BearSlayer by Dan O'Neil (ArsNova). At The Flea Theater: Julie in Kim Davies’ Smoke; Brandi in Christopher Oscar Pena's a Cautionary Tail; Juliet in Romeo and Juliet directed by Ben Kamine; These Seven Sicknesses (directed by Drama Desk award winner Ed Sylvanus Iskandar). B.F.A. from NYU.

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    Nadine McGuire Theatre and Dance Pavilion
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    1800 McCarty Dr Gainesville
    FL 32611
    (352) 273-0500
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