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Devised AI Project

  • Date & Time
    • Thursday, July 18, 2024 — through
      Sunday, July 21, 20242024-07-18 12:00:00 am2024-07-21 11:59:00 pmAmerica/New_YorkDevised AI ProjectBlack Box Theatre (McGuire Pavilion)
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    • Free
  • Description

    What do you need right now? This is a simple yet loaded question. With an ever-changing world filled with pandemics, doomscrolling, hostile political climates and more, we are becoming exceedingly isolated from one another. In this devised project featuring A.I. elements we try to use art as a creative force for healing and change. Art by itself may not be able to heal the world, but it can heal people. And those people can change the world.  

    Working with a team of student performers, designers, stage managers, and production teams, this project delves into methods of utilizing Artificial Intelligence in devised and/or interactive Recovery through the Arts storytelling. Assistant Professor Heidi Boisvert and Visiting Research Assistant Professor Braxton Rae will guide students through this research and development process. 

  • Venue
    Black Box Theatre (McGuire Pavilion)
    1800 McCarty Drive
    Gainesville Florida
    (352) 392-1653 (UBO)