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Concert ft. Weedie Braimah + HOT, Cortadito, and Maca Reggae Samba

  • Date & Time
    • Saturday, April 09, 2022 5:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Cost
    • $15 Students
    • $20 Public
  • Description

    Join us for Afro Roots Fest 2022 - a series of workshops and concerts around Gainesville.

    This concert features Weedie Braimah + HOT, Cortadito, and Maca Reggae Samba.

    A Djembist, Composer,Producerand Folkloristof the highest caliber, Braimah has an almost insatiable knack to draw entire audiencesinto his groove, zigzagging through Africa on a breathtaking rhythmic roller coaster. His sound is the new voice of Djembe Music around the world.

    Braimah comes from a long lineage of drummers including his mother, Ann Morris, a respected jazz drummer and his father, Oscar Sulley Braimah, a world-renownedcomposer and master drummer. Braimah has been a performer, teacher and preserver of African culture for over 30years and continues to peruse new musical crossingsevery day.He also leads his own band, Weedie Braimah & The Hands of Time,where he mounts the Djembeas the frontage presenting music of the diaspora. His band hasappearedin Europe, Cuba, Dubaiand the United Statesto name a few.Braimah’sdebut album was also featuredin Times Magazine asone of the top 10 albumsof 2021

    Jose Elias founded the band alongside Julio Cesar Rodriguez Delet from Santiago de Cuba in November of 2011 after a 12-year stint with Conjunto Progreso that garnered him a Grammy nomination for his participation in the album Masters of Cuban Son. The duo was an instant success and were invited to perform at the Fingerlakes Grassroots festival in Trumansberg, NY. They released their first CD titled Abriendo Caminos in 2012, which featured one original composition by each of the artists “Delicias Caribeña” (Elias) and “Te Lo Perdiste” (Delet).

    Created in Salvador, Bahia and after twelve years of playing the Brazilian scene, Macaxeira Roots enters a new phase of exploration. This movement is influenced by Jamaican reggae with the purest expressions of samba, a Brazilian rhythm created by African descendants of the Portuguese colony, Brazil. With this new work, a new rhythm is born: reggae samba, offering the public a new expressive possibility where the only rule is nobody can stand still. This rhythm brings movement not only to the stage, but to the public as well, lots of dancing.

    See you there!

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  • Venue
    Heartwood Soundstage - 619 S Main St