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Stage Management

UF Stage Management students learn to be inclusive leaders working at the intersection of artistic discovery and production logistics.

About the Program

The BA Theatre, Stage Management Specialization is designed for students who seek a liberal arts education with a broad foundation in the field of stage management. Curriculum features introductory, advanced, and production practicum stage management coursework. A powerful support network is built into the program, including individual faculty mentoring and peer support through seminar-style courses. Students additionally explore courses in design, production, performance, history, psychology, language, and related disciplines, while benefiting from the flexibility of 18 upper division elective credit hours. Many students enjoy the option to pursue a secondary minor or major in another discipline. The inclusive leadership, collaboration, organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills obtained through the program allows graduates to achieve excellence in the field of stage management or the skills become highly relevant to any career path students choose to pursue.   

Our stage management students are vital collaborators in developing and maintaining UF School of Theatre + Dance productions. They reinforce the school’s ability to produce challenging and innovative works at the highest standards. They are onsite and intimately involved in all phases of production including pre-production, rehearsals, technical rehearsals, performances, and closing. They work in teams or individually, depending on production scope. Responsibilities are vast and include collaborating with all artistic and production team members (director, choreographer, production manager, designers, actors, technicians, house manager, and others), organizing rehearsals, and running performances. Interpersonal skills include (but are not limited to): inclusive leadership, organization, written and verbal communication, time management, emotional intelligence, active listening, adaptability, resilience, and creative problem solving. Technical skills include (but are not limited to): documentation of production activities, interpreting drawings, notating stage movement, cue notation, and facilitating emergency procedures. The artistic contribution of stage managers is prevalent throughout the process and highlighted in managing technical rehearsals and calling performances.  

Stage Management Opportunities  

Students in the BA program have opportunities to engage in dance, musical theatre, drama, and developmental productions. There are approximately 30 stage management, deck stage management, and production assistant positions on 12-15 productions each academic year. The majority of our productions are directed and choreographed by faculty and guest artists. A spring showcase highlights student directed works. Our program is unique in that our stage management opportunities are facilitated primarily by students enrolled in the BA program. Students graduate with a notable range of stage management credits on their resumes.  

Beyond UF 

Our current students and Stage Management alumni are achieving prominent honors, continuing to MFA degrees in highly selective graduate programs, and successfully establishing careers in the performing arts and in allied fields.  

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