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Expose yourself to the creative experiences of studio and performance work, while leaving the door wide open. On stage, backstage, in the audience.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts in general theatre is designed for students who want a liberal arts education with an emphasis in theatre. In addition to a broad liberal arts background, the BA provides the student with creative experiences of studio and performance work. The Bachelor of Arts provides broad career opportunities: students who are interested in several fields have the opportunity to minor in other subject areas. Examples of possible minors are English, business, or communications.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in theatre prepares graduates to pursue additional academic degrees or enter professional theatre, teaching, or allied fields such as communication, public relations, etc. If they choose to pursue advanced degrees, BA graduates traditionally enter MA, JD, or PhD programs. Regardless of degree or career expectations, students complete a core of foundation courses in theatre and dance in addition to general education courses required by the College of the Arts and the University.

Application Deadlines
November 01, 2018
The freshman application deadline has been extended to November 15th for all students living in the Florida Panhandle and surrounding areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. Students in North and South Carolina will also have the deadline extended due to the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Applicants outside of these regions must meet the November 1st deadline.
Transfer Students
March 01, 2018
Application deadline for Summer B or Fall 2018

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