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Expose yourself to the creative experiences of studio and performance work, while leaving the door wide open. On stage, backstage, in the audience.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is designed for students who want a strong grounding in theatre as well as the flexibility of choosing their own emphasis.  The BA provides students with training in theatrical creation (ex. acting, directing, and playwriting) in tandem with critical examination of performance (ex. script analysis, dramaturgy, and theatre history).  Students can also choose from a variety of theatre electives including design, improvisation, comedy, Latinx theatre, African American theatre history and practice, arts in medicine, and devised theatre.  The degree also offers an emphasis in stage management and arts management for students who want to drive the theatrical process from behind the scenes.  Many BA Theatre students are double majors. 

The B.A. in Theatre prepares graduates to enter professional theatre or pursue advanced degrees in MA, JD, or PhD programs. Regardless of degree or career expectations, students complete a core of foundational courses in theatre in addition to general education courses required by the College of the Arts and the University.

University of Florida Application Deadlines
November 1, 2024
Application deadline for Fall 2025
Transfer Students
September 15, 2024
Application deadline for
Spring 2025
March 1, 2025
Application deadline for
Summer B or Fall 2025

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