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Obsessed with the oboe? Inspired by a saxophone? Fall in love with the flute? Carry your clarinet everywhere?

About the Program

Woodwind studies at UF are designed to produce a well-rounded musician with knowledge in music history, music theory, performance practices, and instrumental pedagogy. The goal is to prepare the student for a variety of possible professions and/or further study after graduation.

Woodwind study includes individual lessons and studio classes with full-time resident faculty artists/teachers. The School of Music provides a wide variety of performance opportunities for woodwind players including studio recitals, Woodwind Area recitals, School of Music Convocations, guest artist master classes, and the annual Concerto Competition. Various local and regional ensembles and venues provide further opportunities for off campus performing.

Application Deadlines
November 1, 2021
Application deadline for Fall 2022
Transfer Students
September 15, 2022
Application deadline for
Spring 2023
March 1, 2022
Application deadline for
Summer B or Fall 2022

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