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Music in Combination with an Outside Field

Music is a huge part of your life. You can't live without it. You have other interests too — engineering, journalism, health and human performance. Why not both?

About the Program

This curriculum is designed for students who desire a Bachelor of Music degree, but who also wish to venture into other areas of study and earn a second bachelors degree. A number of programs in the colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Business Administration; Design, Construction and Planning; Education; Engineering; Health and Human Performance; Public Health and Health Professions; Journalism and Communications; Liberal Arts and Sciences; and the School of Natural Resources and Environment, are available to the students to select from. The goal of this degree track is to able to student to complete all course work for both major in 4 years (with the exception of 5 year Engineering degrees).

Students who are interested in double majoring in music and another field will start with their required course work for music (also known as "tracking requirements") and gradually integrate the 2nd major tracking courses into their schedules during the first 4 semesters. Students often times can "double dip", taking not only the 2nd major required course work but also the general education courses. For example, music and psychology major can take PSY 2012 General Psychology, as a required tracking course for psychology and also to meet the requirement for "Social and Behavioral Sciences" general education course.

Bachelor of Music

Combination with Outside Field (ex:Psychology)

FRESHMAN YEAR (Music tracking in bold)

First Semester

MUT 1121 Music Theory (1) orMUT 1001 Rudiments  3
MVK 111 Secondary Piano 1                                        1
MV_ 141_ Performance Principal                                  2
MUN 1000 Level Ensemble (GE-H)                                1
MUS 1010 Recital Attendance                                       0
Mathematics (GE-M) (MAC 1147)                                    4
Physical/Biological Science (GE-P/B)                               3
Composition (GE-C)                                                          3 
Total Credits:                                                                 16

Second Semester

MUT 1122 Music Theory (2) orMUT 1121 Music Theory (1)  3
MVK 1112 Secondary Piano (2)                                               1
MV_ 141_ Performance Principal                                            2
MUN 1000 Level Ensemble (GE-H)                                          1
MUS 1010 Recital Attendance                                                 0
MUS 1360 Intro to Music Tech.                                                3
Mathematics (GE-M) (STA 2023)                                               3
Social/Beh.Sci. (GE-S) (PSY 2012)                                            3 
Total Credits:                                                                           16

Bachelor of Arts


Psychology tracking states that the below courses should be completed by the end of semester 5*:

  • PSY 2012 General Psychology
  • One additional psychology course
  • One of the foundation-level courses
  • STA 2023
  • One of BSC 2007, 2008 or 2010
  • Either MAC 1147 or both MAC 1140 and MAC 1114

*certain GPA will be required at the end of each term

Based on this recommendation seen above, a student will be on track for music and psychology without any problems by the end of their first year. The remainder of 3 courses in Psychology can be taken either the freshman summer or spread to fall and spring terms of sophomore year.

Once the student has met all the tracking requirements (course work and GPA) for the 2nd major, he/she can officially apply to declare their 2nd major.

If you have any questions about double majoring with music and another field, please contact music admissions.

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