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Bachelor of Music (BM)
Combination with Outside Field

This curriculum is designed for students who desire a Bachelor of Music degree, but who also wish to venture into other areas of study and earn a second bachelor’s degree. A number of programs in the colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Business Administration; Design, Construction and Planning; Education; Engineering; Health and Human Performance; Public Health and Health Professions; Journalism and Communications; Liberal Arts and Sciences; and the School of Natural Resources and Environment, are available to the students to select from. The goal of this degree track is to able to student to complete all course work for both major in 4 years (with the exception of 5 year Engineering degrees).

Students who are interested in double majoring in music and another field will start with their required course work for music (also known as "tracking requirements") and gradually integrate the 2nd major tracking courses into their schedules during the first 4 semesters. Students often times can "double dip", taking not only the 2nd major required course work but also the general education courses. 

​This track is also ideal for students who are interested in pre-health related professions (pre-med, pre-vet, pre-OT, etc.) and pre-law.

​Students can also pursue a combined degree, a bachelors degree along with a master's degree, typically completed within four years. Most popular options include Master of Science in Management and Master of Science in Entrepreneurship offered by the Hough Graduate School of Business.

Curriculum prior to Summer 2015
Curriculum for catalog year Summer 2015 and later
Curriculum for catalog year Summer 2021 and later

Music Performance (Certificate)
Music In Medicine (Certificate)

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