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Music and MSM Business Management

If you can mix business with pleasure, then you can certainly mix music with business. For an entire career, in fact.

About the Program

Bachelor of Music in Combination with an Outside field provides students an opportunity to expand their undergraduate educational experience to fields outside of music. Students who wish to pursue a second Bachelors degree or a combined graduate degree are highly encouraged to select this as their major. 

In recent years, the Master of Science in Management has become one of the most sought out outside field tracks for many incoming freshman.  Students are now able to complete a 4 year undergraduate degree in 3 years and add an accelerated masters degree in management and graduating with not only a Bachelor of Music degree but also a Master of Science in Management.   

How does it work?

Students will follow the 8-semester degree plan as outlined and apply to the graduate program at the Hough Graduate School of Business in Master of Science in Management during their junior year.  Depending on the semester they applied to start the graduate level work, students will complete all required graduate course work during what would have been their senior undergraduate year.

University of Florida Application Deadlines
November 1, 2024
Application deadline for Fall 2025
Transfer Students
September 15, 2024
Application deadline for
Spring 2025
March 1, 2025
Application deadline for
Summer B or Fall 2025

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