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School of Art + Art History

Undergraduate Advising


Welcome to Undergraduate Advising at the School of Art + Art History (SA+AH)!  SA+AH's two undergraduate advisors are Dana Myers and Ali Nottke. Olivia Ardizzone, the Undergraduate Admissions and Advising Assistant, also plays a critical role in supporting the functioning of the SA+AH Undergraduate Advising office.

At this time, the SA+AH Advising Office staff are working with current and prospective students remotely (e.g., via zoom, telephone, and email).

Freshmen and Transfer Admissions Inquiries

We’re glad you’re interested in the School of Art + Art History! Find admissions information here, and how to learn more about the SA+AH here. You may also email inquiries to SAAHAdmissions@arts.ufl.edu.

Current UF SA+AH Student Advising

For UF School of Art + Art History students, please refer to the SA+AH Undergraduate Advising Essentials e-learning course in canvas for more details and instructions. Virtual "Walk-in" Advising Hours are updated at the beginning of each week here.

Current UF Student Advising for Majors Outside of the SA+AH

Major Change Inquiries: For current UF students *not* majoring within the SA+AH who have inquiries regarding changing majors into one of our majors, please follow the instructions for visiting the advisor during the Virtual Student "Walk-in" Hours here.  Please also review the information below as you may find the answer to your inquiry and save yourself time!

Minors/Certificate Inquiries: For current UF students with inquiries regarding our art history minor, art studio minor, or ceramics certificate, please follow the instructions for visiting the advisor during the Virtual Student "Walk-in" Hours here.  It is not possible to assist any non-art/art history majors gaining access to our classes for the fall semester until *after* December 1.  Please check back then.  If you are an incoming freshman, interested in studio art classes, please visit the advisor sometime during the fall semester to learn more about the minor and access to our coursework. There are no studio courses you can take to work towards the art minor during your first semester as a freshman.  Additionally, please be sure to read the information in the drop-down links below.

Gaining Access to Studio Classes as a Non-Art Major

         Although the majority of our studio classes have prerequisites that require you to be one of our majors, it is still possible to gain access, pending space availability after our majors have finished registering, and pending sufficient art background. Generally speaking, you may reach out to the advising office the week before classes begin to discuss possible options for that semester. Access to our studio classes is *never* guaranteed.

         We also have a variety of studio courses designed for non-art majors, and other oppportunities to get more involved with the College of the Arts. Learn more here.

Graphic Design Certificate

         Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting majors outside of the SA+AH into our Graphic Design Certificate program due to faculty and space limitations. 

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